Are you feeling the call to serve?

Now more than ever with the stress of daily life, the loss of the sacred feminine and the lack of emotional and physical intimacy which many people face, the sacred sexual healing arts are direly needed and sought out.

It takes a special person to take on the role of sacred sexual healer. Those well suited for this training are women who are naturally sensual and sexual, in touch with their emotions, creative and passionate about personal growth, spiritual development and healing arts.

Clients are looking for practitioners with professional understanding of holistic sexuality, and with a deep capacity to hold space for emotions and support life changing experiences that lead to greater fulfillment in all areas of their life. Sacred sexual healers and intimacy coaches are paving the way for a new era of heart-centered, embodied living! If this excites you I would love to connect. 

The Program

The Alchemy of Sacred Love Priestess Practitioner Program is a full certification program for women interested in fulfilling the role or sacred sexual healer and/or intimacy coach. 

From theory and inner healing work, to hands on intimacy exercises and massage training, to marketing and etiquette, this program takes you from the first steps of inner healing and theory all the way to professional business launch. The format is a combination of online group classes and one-one student training and healing sessions, followed by a training retreat and a three month apprenticeship. 

The Alchemy of Sacred Love Program is unique in the following ways:

-A focus on helping practitioners develop deep trust and connection with clients. (One of the main causes of clients not returning and seeking new practitioners is lack of connection!)

-Teaching practitioners to identify the top 5 needs of mainstream clients seeking tantra and sacred sexual healing. This is how we build a bridge to guide clients on a life changing journey. 

– Offers a highly accessible program with online learning, one-one support, hands on training, and business coaching, all in one package.  

– Offers a community platform for practitioners. Join in a community at the end of your training so that you can begin your journey connected to others on the path, and with professional online presence.