Awaken the senses and unlock  pleasure

Tantric massage is a therapeutic experience which allows the body and mind to come into balance and helps unlock deeper levels of pleasure and sensual awareness. 

There are many reasons clients come for a tantric massage experience. It can be to learn how to experience tantric energy, to revitalize their libido, to address past traumas or injuries blocking sensual and sexual energy, to relax deeply and rejuvenate, or just to try something new! 

It has been my pleasure to work with hundreds of clients over the past decade. I am enriched by each person I work with and am continually inspired by the experiences of pleasure, awakening and connection that occur.

If you would like to begin a tantric journey with me please leave a message below to inquire about sessions. Scroll down to see session options. 

Blessings and Bliss to you! 

I look forward to connecting with you and discussing your unique goals and needs. 

I will be in touch soon. 

Sessions types

If you are not sure where to start consider a one hour or 90min Skyclad massage. This is the most popular choice for new clients

Skyclad- Most Popular

A slow and meditative experience which allows you to experience the bliss of your body. I relax the muscles with gentle and firm kneading of muscles and smooth long strokes. I use warm coconut oil.

As my approach is tantric, I work with the sexual and erotic energy of the body.

I move the sexual energy through the body as I offer the massage which creates a relaxing, very pleasurable and energizing experience. I use an intuitive approach and follow your body’s signals.

Shakti Bliss

Shakti Bliss sessions are advanced sessions for clients who want to experience more of the Divine Feminine and more interactive, two-way intimacy.

These sessions begin with a short consultation followed by a Sky Clad Tantric massage which leads into partnered exercises of eye gazing and breathing and finishes with meditative sensual two-way exploration. I am gently guiding our exchange to offer a new and beautiful experience of tantric intimacy.