Raising the bar

There is a lot of talk about the rise of the feminine, but here is a little secret: the goddess wants to be held, seen, loved. She longs to surrender to the divine masculine, again and again and again. 

There is nothing sexier than a man who is in his power, and contrary to what society says, that’s not about how big his muscles are or how much money he makes. A man who knows how to be present, knows how to touch a women physically and emotionally, how to communicate and hold space, who understands the sacredness of love, intimacy and pleasure- that is a man in his power. 

I have worked with countless men of all ages to help them step into their true power and harness their sacred sexual energy. If would like to begin this journey I would love to connect with you! 

The Process

Coaching sessions unfold in a series of steps. With each client, we begin doing a detailed assessment. Some clients already have a foundation and are ready to leap ahead, while some are starting completely fresh. Either way, we take each step together. 

Foundation- In this session, we get into your history, your goals your experience, and your strengths. We go from there to exploring some tantric exercises together that are best suited your needs. You are given next steps to work on at home. 

Preparation- At this stage, we begin coaching to get you ready to practice tantric techniques with a partner.

Activation- This is your bodywork experience. In this session, you will be putting your tantric skills to work during a massage and/or two-way touch discovery session. This anchors in your learning and gives you the opportunity to fully dive in.