Time to Rise

The healing of the feminine is key to the healing of our planet. Some of the gifts of the divine mother are connection to our sacred earth, empathy, sensuality, creativity, compassion, fierce protection of innocence and the sacred.

The suppression of female sexuality and female power for countess generations has led women to fear who and what they are, to have issues in and out of the bedroom and sometimes limit themselves without realizing it.

But if you feel a call deep inside to be more, to take up more space, to roar, to howl, to create, to embrace your sensual sacredness, your tears, your joy, your love, your beauty, your rawness, your fierceness and your unique gifts you came into the world to bring, then I would LOVE to connect!!!

If you are ready to shine, to have epic love and an epic purpose, and to feel more whole and ecstatic then let’s explore what is calling to you, what is holding you back, and how we can chart a path towards your divine destiny. Beloved sister, if you are feeling then call you are ready.  

Taking your Place in the Village

To offer your gifts to the world, to be whole and to be full-means doing the inner work. It means practicing healing rituals daily and having the courage to face darkness and find the light within and to become a master of inner alchemy. <3 Here is how we can journey together on this path:

Goddess Discovery- Explore your personality and key goddess achetypes to help you identify your strengths and how the sacred expresses through you. Align with your inner goddess power. (Four sessions) 

Find your Medicine- Learn how to work with daily healing rituals that activate and cleanse your mind, heart, body and soul, helping you to connect deeply with spirit and the call of your inner knowing. (Four sessions)

Tantric and Sacred Sexual Healing- Master meditations and practices which empower you to work with your divine sensual and sexual energy to unlock your vitality, the healing power of your pleasure and the gifts of your heart. (Four sessions)

Sessions are 60mins each with ongoing email support included!