Follow youR Passion-Step into your creative power

We all have a calling, something within us that wants to be brought into the world-a unique gift that only we can share. Taking the leap into offering our souls’s work can be challenging and a true right of passage, but it is one of the most important and rewarding steps we can take.

At a certain point in our healing it is beneficial and even essential to offer our service to the world. We heal, and the world heals, one person at a time, offering their medicine, their creativity, their love, their magic.  

Our creative empowerment program offers three steps to help you explore your passion, unlock your creative potential and create the steps necessary to move into a new and exciting chapter of your life. 

The package- What you get

Personality and Creative Potential Assessment- In this session we map out your unique strengths, gifts, passions and skills and help you refine your creative vision and align it with goals that will lead you towards your greatest success.  

Tantric Empowerment Session- In this session we teach you meditative techniques and ways of liberating stuck energy to help you move though blocks and limitations. These techniques keep you in your creative flow and help you work at a peak level while you launch your vision. 

The Plan- This session is focused on giving you concrete and practical steps that will help you manifest your new life plan. We walk you through each step to help you meet each goal.