Tantric coaching is a wonderful way to deepen and  develop your intimate relationship

Modern couples are juggling many stresses and challenges in their daily lives.

Even happy couples struggle at times to experience ongoing deep connection and to have an exciting, evolving sex life. 

Some couples also deal with deeper challenges such as past traumas, illness, injury, religious trauma or personality differences which can make new intimate thresholds hard to cross. 

Over the past 10 years I have helped many couples of all kinds come together and develop: Better communication, deeper intimacy, a more fulfilling sex life, greater emotional connection, and a spiritual approach to sexuality which opens exciting new doors.  

Simple tantric intimacy techniques make a huge difference for many couples in just one session! If you are interested in learning more, let’s talk! 

What to Expect in a Session

My tantric coaching sessions always begin with a consultation to take account of all the factors in a couples experience before we decide on an approach. No one fit serves all! In a consultation call, I listen to your needs, goals, desires and struggles, I then offer insights and some options for how we may begin working together.

The tone of sessions is light, fun and exploratory. It’s normal for one partner to be uncertain and another to be more ‘in to it’. One usually takes the lead. We work with both of you, where you are at to keep it comfortable. 

Sessions are then arranged in two parts.

Part One- Coaching. This is done through a zoom call and you will be given an introduction to tantra and be guided through four exercises that help you bond, deepen your connection and experience tantric energy together. 

Part Two- For couples who would like hands on massage training, or a hands on experience with their partner, a body work session is arranged. Sessions are available in Toronto ON, Hamilton ON and Vancouver BC. 

In this session, you are guided through the process of offering a tantric massage to your partner while following the lead of the practitioner. These are both fun, sensual experiences and instructional. You leave knowing how to do tantric massage on your partner at home!