Spirit is Calling, The world is ready for more Sacred Sexual Healers.

If you are ready to dive in, I would love  to support you!

The rise of a sacred sexual sisterhood is happening! We need more women fulfilling the calling of awakening and healing. If you have completed training and feel ready to launch your sacred sexual offering I would love to work with you.

Working Together

If you are ready to offer your gifts as a sacred sexual healer and want to shine your brightest-this program is for you!!! Take your first steps with community, personal support, professional guidance and marketing expertise and bring your best to the world! 

In this program we work together to build your confidence, experience, and client base while developing your online presence. We refine your niche, bio and branding to help you find incredible clients who are the best fit for your incredible gifts.

In addition, this training program will help you stand out in the market by teaching you how to identify clients Top 5 Needs when seeking out tantra/sacred sexual healing services. Clients seeking healing in these areas are looking for strong guidance and answers to deeply personal goals and struggles. Learn how to speak to these needs with confidence and enroll them into your divine services!

What’s Included

1 yr membership to Toronto Tantra and/or Global Tantra Village. ($400 value)

-Client referrals for GTA members ($1000 + value)

-Top Five Needs of Mainstream Tantric Clients- How to find and keep your dream clients in the sacred sexual healing market ($1000 value) 

-Price setting and empowerment coaching- ($1000 value) 

-Safety and etiquette guidance

-Niche, Brand and bio crafting- ($800 Value)

-Ongoing email support for Q&A’s while working with clients

-Weekly zoom calls- A time to gather with community, share your experiences, ask questions, get extra training, support and healing

Program Facilitators

Aeriel Colleen

Aeriel Colleen is a leading Sacred Sex Educator and Tantric Intimacy Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 9 years helping them to reach new heights of bliss and live more soulful, empowered lives.

With 20 years experience in creative programming, teaching and workshop facilitation and background in social service work, she masterfully combines her intimate knowledge of life changing sacred sexual healing work, with highly accessibly training tools and teaching methods to help new practitioners stand out and thrive in this exciting global industry. 

Aeriel passionately believes in the power of sacred sexual healing work as an essential catalyst for individual and cultural healing. She puts her whole heart and soul into her work with her clients and students leading an inspiring movement towards heart-centered, embodied living.

“I believe the sacred sexual healing arts can spark a revolution in how we relate, create and regenerate. Women with this gift are needed now more than ever. In empowered community working together we can be the change the world is waiting for.”