“Aeriel Colleen has such a wonderful, caring heart and has shown me time and again how loving and compassionate she can be. Her compassion and  keen sense of observation make her an excellent practitioner. She’s not afraid to get real, get dirty, get into the nitty gritty. She finds a way to bring love,  light and tenderness to almost any situation. Her strength,  insightfulness, and wisdom have impacted my life when I’ve needed it most. I can’t recommend her or her work highly enough.”

 – James Smith, Founder of skydancer .ca, Vancouver B.C


Aeriel Colleen is a leading Sacred Sex Educator and Tantric Intimacy Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 9 years helping them to reach new heights of bliss and live more soulful, empowered lives.

With 20 years experience in creative programming, teaching and workshop facilitation and background in social service work, she masterfully combines her intimate knowledge of life changing sacred sexual healing work, with highly accessibly training tools and teaching methods to help new practitioners stand out and thrive in this exciting global industry. 

Aeriel passionately believes in the power of sacred sexual healing work as an essential catalyst for individual and cultural healing. She puts her whole heart and soul into her work with her clients and students leading an inspiring movement towards heart-centered, embodied living.

Alongside her work with clients and students she is a mother, author of several poetry collections and a singer-songwriter exploring the themes of spiritual awakening, ancestral healing, and awakening of the sacred heart.

 ​Aeriel received certification as Sexual Shamanic Practitioner through the International School of Temple Arts in 2011 and has training in a wide range of other modalities including breathwork, reiki, non-violent communication, tantric yoga, meditation, regenerative nutrition and intuitive healing. She has been featured on the  Find Your Bliss Podcast, and shares performances of her music and poetry in Ontario and B.C. She currently lives in Hamilton Ontario offering coaching, private healing sessions and her teaching and certification programs. 



Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner- International School of Temple Arts, 2010

Laughter Yoga- Kathryn Kimmins, 2013

Reiki Level 2- T.K Atkinson, 2011


Erotic Hypnosis Workshop- Freya Njorden, 2016

Psychic Development- Niki Tihor, 2015-2016

Transformational Breathwork- Dale Joyal, 2009-2010

Tantric Yoga- Agama Yoga, 2009-2010 

Chanting and Mantra Meditation- David Embry, 2007-2009

Dyadic Communication- Warrior Sage, 2010

Compassionate Communication- Centre of Non-Violent Communication, 2007 

Mindfulness Meditation- Dr. Pardeep Kumar, 2006


Elders in Training-Orphan Wisdom-Stephen Jenkinson, 2019

Regenerative Nutrition- Lynn Krokenberger (RN, CCH), 2012-2015 

Intuitive Healing- Shirley Peck, 2010-2012


University of British Columbia- General Arts- 2003-2007